About FLEXXUS Software Solutions Ltd.
FLEXXUS Software Solutions Ltd. is dedicated to installing, supporting and customizing software from Sage Accpac.

Our philosophy is the world is a small place. This is the foundation of how we approach new clients and new projects. At FLEXXUS we firmly believe that long term success requires a focus on long term relationships. This means that if we feel our offerings do not meet your needs we will tell you. If we would not purchase our software if we were in your chair we will not sell it to you.

Once we have agreed to provide you with a solution to your business needs we have the skills and experience to implement them. We approach all implementations from a business perspective rather than a technology perspective. For us, technology is a tool to be used to achieve your goals.

Sage Accpac
Don’t let the marketing of competing products fool you. Sage Accpac offers some of the best mid-market business software available today.

Sage Accpac ERP is more than an accounting solution — if you want it to be. Sage Accpac accounting software integrates with a full suite of of end-to-end business solutions such as Sage Accpac's SageCRM customer relationship management solution or HRMS, Sage Accpac's Human Resource Management solution.

Transform the productivity of your entire small or medium enterprise with Sage Accpac end-to-end solutions.

Sage Accpac’s end-to-end solutions include the following:

Accounting and Operations
Sage Accpac ERP financial modules and add-ons.

Business Intelligence and Reporting
Sage Accpac Insight and other tools that can plug into your Sage Accpac system to help executives run analyses, create budgets, and make decisions.

Customer Relationship Management
Sage Accpac CRM and SageCRM.com — critics’ favorites for automating your sales force, marketing, and customer service teams. Call us to learn how your finance team could use it too!

ACCPAC e-Transact, an easy-to-use Web store solution that integrates data seamlessly with your Sage Accpac system.

Electronic Data Interchange
Sage Accpac Exchange, an EDI solution that helps you communicate electronically with your suppliers and customers.

Fixed Asset Management
Sage FAS Fixed Assets, an application that helps you depreciate, track, and report on your fixed assets.

Human Resource Management
Sage Accpac HRMS, an HR Management solution that makes tracking benefits, managing employees, and staying in compliance quick and easy.

Sage Accpac ePOS, a five-star point-of-sale (POS) solution that makes multi-till, multi-location retail operations a breeze.

Warehouse Management
Sage Accpac WMS, a warehouse solution for automated inventory-handling and streamlined supply chain management and automation of your warehouse operations.

Sage Accpac Options Products
Sage Accpac Options products are smart, useful applications that you can add on to your Sage Accpac system when you need additional analytics or a specific productivity-enhancing feature.

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