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SageCRM for Sage Accpac ERP
Sales and customer service integrated with accounting.
Having customer contact details readily available to us is very valuable to our business. How valuable would it be to you if you could easily create and maintain a clear view of customers from first contact through purchase and post-sales? What if you had easy access to the in-depth, up-to-date communications history you need to nurture your relationships, close sales, build your brand loyalty and streamline all of your customer and vendor-facing activities? SageCRM takes contact management software to a new level of functionality

SageCRM is much more than a contact manager. SageCRM takes what contact management programs like Act!, Maximizer or Goldmine do and does a whole lot more to make you more efficient and more effective in your relationships with customers, vendors or partners.

SageCRM helps you drive consistent and measurable improvement in everyday business processes. Use the built-in workflow engine to standardize your processes and deliver efficient, effective and consistent experiences to customers.

Marketing, sales, and customer service are all integral parts of any company; hence, it just makes sense to properly utilize them in every way possible. Increase productivity, effectiveness, opportunities, retention rate, ROI, customer support, attention and sales. Accommodate to your stakeholders and to a continually changing business environment to allow for a more profitable tomorrow.

SageCRM isn't just for customers. SageCRM is a powerful, flexible software tool for managing relationships with vendors, brokers, membership or investors. Whether you have a list of investors you need to communicate with or you have extensive interaction with vendors, SageCRM is an excellent investment in improving your productivity and knowledge.

CRM or Customer Relationship Management is designed to foster positive relationships with your prospects and customers by giving your team with the tools they need to stay focused on developing those relationships. SageCRM gives your team visibility into the customer's history with the company - including purchases, quotes, emails, marketing campaigns, phone calls, service requests etc.

SageCRM for Sales
Connecting sales professionals with customers.
All sales departments operate by understanding their customerís needs, and wants and attempting to turn those desires into a sale. With SageCRM it not only will do that, but increase productivity, automate sales processes, and optimize sales resources. Offering the potential to effectively manage sales leads, capitalize on prospects, cross-sell and up sell more products, measure performance, and forecast appropriately.

If we can connect with one customer, investor or vendor in a very influential way, it would be very effective to streamline that connection with the rest of the customers and prospects in our database. SageCRM software is the tool that will make that possible, increased attention to every single customer with little effort and big return.

SageCRM is a sales automation too that helps sales professionals find and use information quickly and easily. Sales managers will appreciate it for accurate sales forecasting and measuring their teamís performance. Sales managers can leverage SageCRM for business and sales coaching.

SageCRM for Marketing
Managing and tracking all elements of marketing campaigns.
Understanding and communicating to an entire target market is not the easiest task in the business world but it is a challenge that can be more easily overcome. SageCRM offers the potential of more effective marketing campaigns, easily managing and tracking of the elements of marketing campaigns, and smart spending of marketing dollars. Companies continually try to stand out when communicating to their target market; SageCRM allows them to be more effective, efficient, and competitive.

Communicate to your customers better than any other company can, assert your position in the industry and stay focused on success. SageCRM allows for effective utilization of marketing resources, allowing you to stand out in contrast to your competitors.

SageCRMís tracking and reporting helps you spend your marketing investment more wisely by identifying what is working and what is not. Track your marketing results to execute more targeted, cost effective campaigns and measure return on investment.

SageCRM for Customer Care
Increase productivity, effectively manage resources, properly measure service quality, up sell, and promote repeat business.
Customers are constantly in need of attention, as they should be. Customer service/customer care can be a volatile department but is also very complex in providing every customer with an array of information and providing them with the right resources. Attention to customer service through SageCRM offers the potential to increase productivity, effectively manage resources, properly measure service quality, up sell, and promote repeat business.

Provide your customer service with the information and tools necessary to quickly resolve customer issues and spend more time on increasing revenue. SageCRM is the future of customer service. Support success or get stuck in past trying to be successful.